Friday, September 15 – Astronomy of the Milky Way.  A Montauk Observatory Lecture and Guided Tour of the Night Sky through a Telescope (tour of the night sky part of this program is weather permitting). 7:00PM-8:30PM. Cosponsored by the Montauk Observatory, the South Fork Natural History Museum (SoFo) and the Friends of the Long Pond Greenbelt.  Dr. Inglis is Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics at Suffolk County Community College. Previously, he worked at Princeton, as well as several other universities in the U.K., and has used many of the world’s largest telescopes in his research, which has included nebula morphology, active galaxies, cosmology, and cosmic rays. He is the author of several books for amateur astronomers and texts for students of astrophysics. He is currently working with other astronomers around the world on cataloging the faintest celestial objects visible to the naked eye.  The Milky Way is our home galaxy, yet there is still much that we do not know or comprehend about its origin, structure, and content. Indeed, the latest research has caused some well-known ideas to be refined or discarded completely. In this lively and well-illustrated lecture, Dr. Mike Inglis will cover many facets of the Milky Way, starting with the first attempts to measure its size, how and when it was formed, and its location in the universe. Making use of the latest research on the Galaxy, he will present an overview of our current understanding of the Milky Way and what its future holds.

Meet at the SoFo Museum, 377 Bridgehampton Turnpike, 200 yards north of the RR tracks. For more information contact Dai Dayton, 631-745-689.  The Montauk Observatory brings free science and cultural programs to the South Fork communities.

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